Vivirail’s portfolio of products can work together or as independent pieces of equipment, all are based around the flexible and reliable nature of batteries.

Traction Technology


Vivarail is able to sell or licence its technology to other rolling stock owners (in the UK and abroad) to:

  •  Build new trains
  •  Convert diesel trains
  •  Add batteries to electric trains to act as range extenders
  •  Build hydrogen trains


Fast Charge

Vivarail has developed and patented this unique system which can recharge a battery train in only 10 minutes.  The ability to recharge batteries this quickly is the gamechanger to enable operation on the network

Fast Charge is set to become the UK’s standard system for all types of battery train.


Traction Upgrade

Vivarail has developed a full traction package, including an advanced power electronic system.  This will enable Vivarail to quickly and cost-effectively convert other types of rolling stock.

This system will control the ‘brains’ of any train with a fully documented and upgradable system.  This cuts out the middle man and reduces reliance on third parties.


Power Storage

Fast Charge is accompanied by battery banks – essentially containers filled with batteries used to power the trains when needed.  The ability to access this power in useful places, such as Park & Ride car parks, has interest to other industries as it is an easy way to charge other types of EV and assist with grid stabilisation.

Vivarail Power Storage


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