Battery Trains

Batteries are the logical solution. Vivarail’s next generation battery systems are able to recharge the train in circa 10 minutes. 

Decarbonising the railways

Vivarail is a firm proponent that electrification is the most logical method of decarbonising the railways.  However, there are many areas where it would the business case would not stack up.  There are also areas where installing the wires is very difficult.  And with the race to meet zero emission targets in the next couple of decades some projects just cannot be completed in time.

Batteries are the logical solution – the technology is mature and they are a simple way to extend the electrified network without needing to put in wires.

Whilst other zero emission technologies are in their infancy, battery trains have been in operation for over 100 years.  Vivarail’s next generation battery systems can provide unlimited range by using its patented Fast Charge system – able to recharge the train in circa 10 minutes.  And at a fraction of the cost of traditional electrification.

“at a fraction of the cost of traditional electrification.”

Vivarail has proved the concept with its Class 230 platform.  Its method of using modular systems means it can easily convert existing mid-life diesel trains to battery operation.  This approach ensures that good quality rolling stock does not get scrapped early and helps the environment, waste and emissions.


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