Important information from the Rail Alliance:

This memo provides information relating to the Vivarail shuttles from/to Honeybourne station for rail travellers during Visitor Days to Rail Live event (21/22 June 2017) staged at QRTC, Long Marston.


For those travelling by train (and only those travelling by train) to Rail Live from either London Paddington, or Worcester, to Honeybourne Station and return, there will be a limited number of seats on Vivarail shuttles from Honeybourne Station through to the Long Marston Rail Live event site (this service will be accessed via a temporary platform sited at Honeybourne Station).  Please read the access requirements and use the Eventbrite booking link below to book your place – please note, once the shuttles are full, further bookings cannot be taken.


To use this service, users MUST be registered attendees for the Rail Live show; they MUST be in possession of their printed out entry ticket and they MUST have a valid GWR rail ticket or appropriate warrant/pass to Honeybourne Station for the appropriate day of attendance – otherwise access cannot be granted to the Vivarail shuttles.  On no account will access to the Vivarail shuttles be granted to individuals arriving at Honeybourne Station by other means (eg: by car, by bicycle, or on foot).

ARRIVAL TIMINGS shuttles from Honeybourne Station to Long Marston Rail Live

On each of the Event visitor days (21 & 22 June 2017), the Vivarail shuttle will meet the London trains arriving at Honeybourne Station at 0849hrs and 1014hrs ONLY.  The Vivarail shuttle will then hold at the temporary platform to enable those arriving from the Worcester direction (arriving Honeybourne Station at 0912hrs and 1036hrs ONLY) to transfer to the Vivarail shuttle.

RETURN TIMINGSshuttles from Long Marston Rail Live to Honeybourne Station

On each of the Event visitor days, the return Vivarail shuttles will leave the Rail Live Event platform at 1430hrs & 1600hrs (listen for announcements over the PA system and gather at show entry/exit approximately 5 minutes before departure time). These services will meet specific return trains to London and Worcester directions; again, passengers wishing to use this service MUST have a valid return GWR rail ticket, warrant or pass departing from Honeybourne Station for the relevant day.  The Vivarail shuttles will arrive at Honeybourne Station in time for passengers to catch Worcester-bound departures (1605hrs and 1706hrs) and London Paddington-bound departures (1509hrs and 1631hrs) ONLY.

BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS please click on the link below:

Right of Admission Reserved

The Rail Live show organisers reserve the right to amend/change these arrangements.

Rail Alliance 01789720026