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Vivarail – world leader in battery trains and systems

Designers and manufacturers of the UK’s only battery and battery hybrid trains, able to provide unlimited emission - free travel off the wires


Future technology today

Net zero battery trains

Alternatively powered metro, commuter and regional services for cleaner, quieter cities. Vivarail Fast Charge battery-electric trains automatically recharge using its battery bank infrastructure which store off-peak power from renewable sources.

Seamless, recharging gives the Class 230 unlimited range.

It is a technology which can also repower diesel trains and extend the range of electric trains beyond the wires.

Two, three or four car trains can be recharged from power banks, located at stations and depots.

The trains will only draw power when required which maintains battery life and gives the train almost unlimited range. With three batteries on each car the train is a perfect combination of weight and power.


Fast Charge

Designers and manufacturers of Fast Charge able to recharge a battery train to full power in circa 10 minutes


Developers of new traction technology able to convert diesel trains to clean battery operation and as range extenders for existing electric trains

Rolling Stock

Vivarail has spent six years investigating, trialling, developing and testing battery technology for rail.  Today it has the UK’s only battery trains, fully approved for passenger service – with the first fleet of operational battery hybrids built for Transport for Wales.

Vivarail in the news

Vivarail is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of emission-free trains. Vivarail’s high-performance battery
technology and Fast Charge provides almost unlimited range – it is electrification by other means with recharging in only 10 minutes. See below for the latest news and developments.

COP26 Glasgow

COP26 Glasgow

Action to mitigate climate change has once again shot up the agenda, boosted in no little part by the US’s re-engagement with the international community.  This year’s COP26 climate change conference will take place in November in Glasgow.  It will be...

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Our emission-free suite of trains…

Our emission-free suite of trains…

Has arrived on the Isle of Wight! Such a great day and we couldn’t be happier to be part of Island Line’s amazing history. Our trains are built using the bodyshell and bogies from the D78s, everything else is new. These trains, the Class 484s, use Island Line’s...

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Types of roles within Vivarail

Types of roles within Vivarail

Watch the video below. Learn more about Vivarail, what it does and the types of rolls within the company. Vivarail – providing emission-free traction solutions based on modern high performance batteries for rail applications – up to 100 miles range and 10 minutes to...

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