Earlier this year we announced that the first two D-Trains would be ready for service in 2018.  To make this happen:

  • we scaled up our production process and built a new strip-out facility
  • we employed new people: creating jobs and investing in training to create a highly skilled workforce
  • we built relationships with key suppliers – industry-leading experts in their own right

And we became excited about battery technology!

Our modular engine design means we can provide trains to suit different requirements across the country.  Whether electrified or not the D-Train can run on the line – both now and in the future.  For example we can build a diesel train and then convert it to become an electric or battery powered unit when the time is right.

D-Trains are flexible and able to slot into service quickly and easily across the UK – enabling better branch line services, enhancing metro routes and giving operators choice that make sense today and tomorrow:

  • New green technology – we’ve proved battery trains are feasible so now we’re looking at fuel cells for the future
  • Quiet – whatever power source used the D-Trains are quiet when running and silent in stations with stop/start engines
  • Comfortable – flexible interior layouts make journeys enjoyable for passengers whether leisure, commuter or tourist