On Friday 30th December unit 230001 was booked to undertake a test run from Tyseley to Nuneaton and back via Leamington Spa, operated by West Coast Railways on Vivarail’s behalf. The objective of the test run was:

  • To test the reliability of a replacement genset fitted just before Christmas, and another Genset that had a coolant leak repaired;
  • To build mileage accumulation; • To gather comparative pass-by noise data to support approvals evidence; and
  • To record point to point timing data on the Coventry to Nuneaton Route to support planning activity in relation to proposed passenger operation.

In addition, Vivarail were using the opportunity to build experience and knowledge of new maintenance technicians and product familiarity for members of the management team. During the test run a Genset on vehicle 300101 caught fire resulting in the Fire Brigade attending the unit to extinguish the fire. This report is the full report into the event, including a detailed event description, the findings of the inspection and investigation, and conclusions and action plan to prevent re-occurrence.