Vivarail showcased our innovative battery technology in Glasgow at last year’s COP26.


Vivarail COP26 Forth Bridge

A Vivarail battery train on the Fife Circle line near the Forth Bridge, where overhead electric wires cannot be installed because of height restrictions. Picture: Network Rail

Battery and hydrogen trains for ScotRail ‘could make Scotland a global leader’ in zero-emission transport.

New fleets of cutting-edge trains expected to include battery and hydrogen power are to be ordered for ScotRail which the rail industry believes will put Scotland at the forefront of zero-emission transport.

Vivarail demonstrated the technology in Scotland during last year’s COP26 climate change summit with a prototype converted London Underground train.

Read full article here – The Scotsman

The UK used COP26 to showcase the country’s technological innovation and ability to decarbonise, as part of that Vivarail launched its battery technology to the global market.

Supported by the Department for Transport, Network Rail and Transport Scotland, Vivarail led the alternative traction event.  Vivarail ran a daily service out of Glasgow for delegates and VIPs to introduce this new technology.  It was extremely high-profile and has never been done before.  The Cabinet Office has stated the UK will be delivering an innovative and immersive experience, and the world’s first battery train fully approved for passenger service certainly achieved that.

COP26 Vivarail Glasgow Central

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