This photo shows the first two completed Wales and Borders trains outside together for the first time. 230006 has been undergoing extensive testing on the Cotswold line to ensure all the systems are working – and working together! There have needed to be software tweaks to optimise performance along the way.

The work on 230006 means the remainder of the fleet has a head start as they come off the production line and into testing.

This fleet is the UK’s first battery hybrids so everything has been designed from scratch and set a new standard for lowering emissions and delivering clean and quiet trains. The trains are geo-fenced so the genset will not be used in sensitive areas or in stations – a key feature for the Borderlands line.

The batteries allow the train to accelerate at the same rate as other types of electric train and the gensets act as the charge mechanism for the batteries and a secondary source of traction. The train also uses regenerative braking energy to top up the batteries through the journey.

The trains feature open gangways – the first of their type in the Class 230s – as well as high spec interiors designed to suit the needs of the Wrexham-Bidston passengers.