Vivarail COP26 Forth Bridge

UK-based rolling stock & battery technology manufacturer Vivarail noted a number of achievements during the first week of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. The opening Saturday of the conference on Saturday October 30 saw a historic run across the Firth of Forth,. as the first electric train across the iconic bridge.

Vivarail was asked to operate its battery train for demonstration runs through the conference as part of the official Network Rail Green Trains@COP26 event.  Each day the train has taken delegates and invited guests from around the world to showcase the best of new emission-free technology. In the first week the train carried hundreds of  people from government, industry, academia, media and advocacy groups. 

Henry Posner III, chairman of Vivarail shareholder RDC, joined Vivarail Managing director Steve McBride and his team for the first week..  As well as meeting and greeting VIPs and delegates, they welcomed HRH Price Charles to the train and spent time explaining battery technology and RDC’s  plans for  introducing UK battery technology to the USA through its Pop-Up Metro initiative. Mr Posner also officially announced the order of a second train from Vivarail for Pop Up Metro.

HRH Prince Charles visit to Central Station Pic Peter Devlin