Vivarail is looking forward to welcoming the very first passengers to its D-Train prototype during the Rail Live 2017 show on 20 and 21 June at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre.

D-Train Shuttle Service

The D-Train will be run a passenger shuttle from Honeybourne – where every train from Paddington will connect with our train – to QRTC on both days of the show. Demonstration rides from Rail Live 2017 will also be available. Rail Live 2017 is being run in partnership with RAIL magazine, which worked with the Rail Alliance, Vivarail and Network Rail to run the shuttle.

Although track speed on this branch line is limited to 20mph you will be able to appreciate the train’s acceleration as well as the quality of the ride.  The middle car has been fitted out as a demonstrator vehicle to show some of the designs you might see on your own local services in the future.  We would be grateful for your thoughts and feedback: email or fill in one of the forms available on the train.

D-Train Battery Test Vehicle

The modular D-Train engine design has allowed us to speedily develop our battery version.  Currently the train is undergoing extensive testing as we simulate routes and collect performance data.  Throughout the show Vivarail will be demonstrating the train with hourly displays.  Staff on the stand will be happy to talk about the design concepts and our future plans.

And don’t forget to visit us on Stand I9 where you can meet members of the team to find out more about our innovative design and build.

Important Information:

If you are arriving by train on the GWR line alight at Honeybourne station where you can catch the connecting D-Train service to the Quinton Rail Technology Centre.  Trains will arrive at Honeybourne as follows:

Departure from Paddington                        Arrival at Honeybourne

06.52                                                                     08.49

08.21                                                                     10.14

09.22                                                                     11.04

10.22                                                                     12.07

And to return we will be running services to meet the following departures:





Please be aware that if you are planning to travel on the Honeybourne connecting service you must have a valid GWR and Rail Live ticket.  GWR has kindly offered a 15% discount for Rail Live: for more information.

Parking is extremely limited at Honeybourne so we ask you do not travel there by car.

To book your ticket for Rail Live simply register at:

Rail Live is the largest outdoor rail show in Europe with exhibitors from all sectors of the rail industry.  The show is run by the Rail Alliance with media support from Rail Magazine.

The show is not open to the public and tickets must be booked in advance.

For information about the D-Train please contact:

For information about Rail Live please contact: