Class 230 Future-proofed

We offer the Class 230 as a DMU, EMU, battery or battery hybrid with minimal changes to the base specification. The prototype DMU version has successfully completed its initial testing and approvals so, with this milestone accomplished, work has now begun to build a new test train. This train is being built for a specific customer and its advanced systems will showcase what is possible for other lines.

The new test train will simulate an EMU with on-board energy storage using lithium batteries and is designed to operate where continuous electrification is undesirable or expensive. These battery powered trains are capable of running all day with Automatic Charging Points installed at each end of the line.

As with all elements of the Class 230 design simplicity of operation is key: the driver merely brings the train to a stand at the stop board where a pick-up shoe will automatically engage with a 2-pole supply and charging begins.

Vivarail is supported in this development by a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and trusted suppliers all of whom are specialists in their fields.

Our Key Suppliers:

“It’s an honour to contribute to Vivarail’s passionate commitment to create affordable capacity and comfort on Britain’s regional rail routes. We particularly enjoy the innovative collaboration between our two companies, working together to create a high level of railway technology for sustainable trains with low operational costs and a long lifetime.”

Irene van Dam